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Our detailed knowledge of developing college software and interest in student tracking/value added has led to the creation of OneGrade.  Access to national data from the DfE 16-18 accountability measures has provided the basis for this product, which allows you to:

  • create student target grades
  • track students’ performance in-year against those targets
  • perform detailed analysis of your college’s published DfE data
  • model projected value-added and completion/attainment scenarios

More information on OneGrade VA Module (Core Aims)

More information on OneGrade EM Module (English and Maths)

More information on OneGrade Web Module

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In our past lives, we were the people behind the UK’s most widely used student tracking software.  To this day we continue to help colleges get the best out of that system.  We understand the challenges:

  • configuring the markbook to reflect how qualifications are assessed
  • ensuring that students’ progress is accurately tracked
  • optimising the use of Individual Learning Plans

In addition, because of our detailed knowledge, we can offer full analysis and reporting services.   With extensive experience of SQL Server and MS Reporting tools, we can get right to the heart of the issues and ensure your systems work better for you and your students.

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