OneGrade Downloads Page

System Requirements

OneGrade Installation Guide

OneGrade Upgrade Guide

OneGradeWeb Installation / Upgrade Guide

OneGrade-User-Guide-v1.31-March-2022 (Main Guide & Core Aim Progress)

OneGrade-EM-User-Guide-v1.31-March-2022 (English / Maths Progress)

See the links below for the zip files with the OneGrade installation and upgrade files

Please first install version (published June 2017) and then upgrade to version (latest release, published March 2022).
Full instructions on how to install and upgrade can be found in the links above and are also included in the respective zip files below:

OneGradeInstallationFiles1_0_0_0 (install first before upgrading to latest release)

OneGradeUpgradeFiles_1_31_0_0 (latest version – 25th March 2022)

Release Notes v1_31_0_0

The above zip files include the installers for the database, windows client and web system, plus release notes, upgrade guide and system requirements guide.

After installation please contact us for your licence key.