OneGrade Web

The quick, easy and powerful way to track students’ progress

Record current performance up to 8 times per year, with drop-down lists containing pre-loaded grading scales for each course:

Clear, powerful reporting includes progress against target by group, course, learning aim and department:

Access all of your groups, courses, departments and students straight from the homepage:

National value added and completion attainment data are pre-loaded and maintained in regular software updates:

Target grades are generated within OneGrade, based on DfE national value added and completion/attainment data:

In-year progress grades are automatically compared against targets to model projected value added outcomes:

Separate tabs support tracking of English & Maths, modelled on the DfE English/Maths measure:

View multiple progress review points to track student performance over time:

Final grades can be imported to project final value added scores. You can also compare final grade performance -v- target with teacher prediction -v- target:

Grouped level reporting allows detailed analysis of student starting point and in year progress against target by e.g. course code:

When final grades come in, import them to model projected final value added scores:

Advanced and configurable dashboard reports allow managers to examine key data with clarity:

Pricing and Licencing

An annual licence for the Web module costs between £1500 and £3000 (ex VAT) per year based on college FTE (Full-time equivalents) size.  All updates and support are included in this price.  In order to display data in the Web system you’ll need to purchase the VA module and/or the English/Maths module.

In addition, we can provide installation, training and consultancy services at very competitive rates.

Built by experts, competitively priced and simple to install and use – for more information, to arrange a no obligation trial licence or to book a demonstration, contact Gerry Richards on 07904 082178 or