OneGrade VA Module

OneGrade VA is designed to generate student target grades and analyse progress against those targets.  This gives an indication of your potential Value Added outcomes as the academic year progresses.  The VA module uses DfE national performance data on value added and completion/attainment, so that you can set targets and track progress against reliable and transparent national benchmarks.

Show Student Targets

Targets are set using DfE National Value Added and Completion/Attainment data.

In-Year Progress

Show targets against in-year progress.  Up to 8 progress points during the year can be used.

Grouping by Course

As well as allowing you to analyse in-year progress on an individual basis, data can be aggregated.  For example, by course, dept, gender, or other groupings of your choice.

Select up to 4 levels of aggregation (e.g. by course and gender). Apply a filter (e.g. to implement DfE rules). Show value added by course and the numbers of students above, on and below target.

Entry Qualifications and DfE National Data

OneGrade calculates students’ average entry points scores:

It then uses its in-built national data to generate target grades:

Detailed Analysis of Published DfE Data

When the DfE publishes Progress and Completion/Attainment data, import it into OneGrade.  Then import data from your student records database to enable you to do detailed data analysis by e.g. gender, ethnicity, attendance patterns, previous school, post code, faculty, department:

Completion/Attainment analysis can be performed in exactly the same way.

The Features you need

Drill-down, right-click filtering/sorting, export to MS Excel, and saved filters are all available.

Students’ targets can also be exported in a format suitable for direct import into the most widely used student tracking systems.

If you’d like to know more

OneGrade is supplied and regularly updated with comprehensive in-built national datasets and data mappings.  Our aim is to make target setting and student progress monitoring as straightforward as possible, putting you in control of the process and your own data.

The Student and Enrolment data imports have a range of user-defined fields available to allow you to analyse your data on your terms.

For a detailed look at the features of OneGrade, import specifications, qualification and grade mapping options and more, see the User Guide.

More technical information can be found in the System Requirements and Installation Guide.


An annual licence for the VA module costs between £1200 and £2400 (ex VAT) per module per year based on college FTE (Full-time equivalents) size.  All updates and support are included in this price.  Colleges purchasing this module will receive a 50% discount on the price of the English/Maths module if purchased at the same time.

In addition, we can provide installation, training and consultancy services at very competitive rates.

If you would like to discuss OneGrade further, arrange a demonstration or try OneGrade with a trial licence and no obligation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

One Last thing

When you get in touch with us about OneGrade, whether it be an enquiry or a support issue, you will be talking directly to the designers and developers of the system. Because of this, we can respond quickly and effectively to your questions and feedback. We know that is important – not just to you, but also to us.