OneGrade Web User Guides

These 8 page guides are perfect for getting started and finding out about OneGrade Web:

OneGrade Web Teacher Guide
OneGrade Web Extension Guide
OneGrade Web English and Maths Teacher Guide

OneGrade Implementation Plan

A document to help you roll out the system successfully:

OneGrade Implementation Plan

OneGrade ‘Quick Guides’

Simple 1 and 2-page summaries of key functionality:

QuickGuide1 : English and Maths module – Comparing College and DfE Progress Scores

QuickGuide2 : Main Progress module – Measuring Value Added and Progress for all qualifications

QuickGuide3 : Main Progress / English and Maths modules – Mapping Final Achievement Grades

QuickGuide4 : Teacher Assessed Grades

QuickGuide5 : Qualifications on Entry

QuickGuide6 : Tracking quals where DfE data doesn’t exist

OneGrade ‘How To Guides’

More detailed than the ‘Quick Guides’, but still shorter and more digestible than the full User Guide:

OneGrade main module : Generating Target Grades (pdf – published December 2019)

OneGrade main module : Qualifications on Entry (pdf – published February 2020)

OneGrade main module : Mapping Qualifications (pdf – published March 2020)

OneGrade User Guides

The main Value Added and the English / Maths User Guides containing all the information you might need.

Patch Release

Patch Release v1_24_0_1 (21/09/2020 – for v1.19 and above).  This short script (within the zip) should be run on your OneGrade database using a query window in SQL Management Studio.  It will populate missing upper and lower limit data for the latest available L3VA (A Level and Applied General) national data.  This patch will be included in v1.25.

Some Useful Scripts 

Specimen Import Scripts from ProSolution

A zip file containing a set of import scripts to create SQL Server Views to migrate data from ProSolution.  (Revised August 2020 to include the changes and new imports to support OneGrade Web). An equivalent set of scripts for EBS will be added very soon.

Extract InYear data from ProMonitor – from custom IY unit/assessments

This enables you to extract current in-year progress data for your students, so that you can import into OneGrade and check progress against target/potential value added.

Populate ProMonitor IY Assessments

This will populate ProMonitor with a unit called ‘IY Unit’, for you to track students’ in-year progress.

Extract InYear data from ProMonitor – direct from markbook

This enables you to check which courses in your markbook are correctly configured to produce a projected grade, and then import those projected grades straight into OneGrade


Please see Gerry’s Linkedin articles page, where articles are regularly published about FE data and student performance tracking.